Eeva Karhu [English version]

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Your artworks are usually compared with the impressionist paintings, especially Monet, but i think that in your photographic artworks there’s not only a research for a pictorial outcome in impressionist style. I think that there’s a deeper sensitivity that works to give feelings to create an “experience” that has little to do with the adherence with nature sought by the impressionist painters. Am i in wrong?

EK: Light and colour were important for impressionists and to capture the impression of the place, how that place was in that exact moment when they experienced it. This is also my aspiration when creating my own artworks. I do not photograph only the place but instead its essence.


How did you found the idea of developing such a particular technique like that you use? Or better: why a single shot isn’t enough for you?

EK: Single shot is only a picture of one moment in one place. For me the time I spent in that place is more important. Cyclicity in time and in my way are essential for me and in my work.


You want to show the soul of a place instead of the place itself, but i have some difficulty in finding human beings in your artworks. Do you think that the soul of a place has nothing to do with the human presence? Or better: do you think that the human being disturbs the soul of place?

EK: That place and all the streets and paths are there because of people, those would not exist without them. Many people use them, but only in wintertime it is more visible, when snow captures marks of their feet. I choose which paths to take and with that selection I make it mine and as an entity it kind of exists only to me.

People can be in the pictures, but only when they are a part of the entity, when they are sharing the path with me. This you can see in my latest work in Path (glow).


I suppose that the places that you shoot are Finnish. What they mean for you?

EK: I photograph one same place in different times of the day and the year. In different atmospheres, with varying weathers and lights. My path starts from my home and for me it is a personal place where to go to relax and breath. I have been walking in this area since I was a child.

For me walking is important. It is relaxing, almost meditation like, especially long walks or when done repeatedly. The rhythm of the feet on the ground and stable movement allow the mind let go of unnecessary thoughts. Kind of purification.


I’ve found there’s a kind of evolution of your Path series: Path, Path (artificial light), Path (glow). Could you please explain it? And: are you planning something new in your work?

EK: I started with Impression-series and it developed into Path-series, which includes Path, Path (artificial light) and Path (glow). Path is a light research of one place during one year. Path (artificial light) followed it, but was shot during the night while experiencing how artificial street lights affect to the view.  In Path (glow) I have chosen that weather or atmosphere where the light is reflecting from its surroundings.

I am planning some new stuff with this series and also starting a new one. In path series you can already see some faint human figures in the pictures if you watch carefully.

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